Sick and Tired (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! There sure is a lot of SICKNESS going around. And I don’t mean just PHYSICAL. Satan loves it when we get SICK of our lives. Here are some of the SYMPTOMS to beware of. If you go from CHILLIN to HOT in seconds; You start to SWEAT the small stuff; You become a PAIN in the BUTT; PAIN in the NECK; You get SORE easily; You get STUFFY and SNOTTY, along with being a BIG HEADACHE. If you have one or more of these SYMPTOMS within 24 hrs, and you find other people say, “you’re just TO HARD TO SWALLOW” You probably have a HEART CONDITION. You can BY-PASS this PAIN in seconds if you allow God to OPEN your HEART and work on you. He is the HEART BURN ELIMINATOR. Joy , love you 🙂

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