Off the Chain (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My friend’s HUNTING DOG “Sammy the BULL” lives on a CHAIN. When Sammy is off that CHAIN, he doesn’t BULL around. He knows his PURPOSE, and that is to HUNT. What is your PURPOSE? Life’s TRIALS can be TREACHEROUS, SURVIVING needs DIRCTION. What are you HUNTING for? or are you being HUNTED? From SEASON to SEASON people have fallen PREY to Satan. First they ROAM and STRAY AWAY, then He has CHOKE them  on the CHAIN that’s holding them. I’m not trying to HOUND you, but DOG GONE IT, when will you LISTEN to your MASTERS VOICE WHEN HE CALLS YOU? Is it so hard to be LOYAL to God? Tell Satan you’re NOT HIS easy TARGET anymore. There’s NO TRESPASSING ALLOWED, and he better FLEA NOW. He’s on God’s PROPERTY!!  Joy. Love you 🙂

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