Flying North (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! Apparently there have been a lot of TRIPS made in the last few days!! And I am your TRAVEL AGENT preparing you for what you need (and don’t need) for you final destination from earth. This TRIP will be longer then overnight, so be prepared to stay FOREVER. Second, we have two planes going out, one to the NORTH and one to the SOUTH. And you must have a boarding pass to enter the NORTH gate, which already has been purchased for you, complements of the PILOT. You don’t have to be first class, Second class is fine. And we DO serve NUTS, thank GOD!!! There seems to be problems at the SOUTH gate. People are surprised to know their ticket can’t be BOUGHT or USED for pass CREDIT EARNED. They are claiming to know of JESUS, but never had a RELATIONSHIP with Him PERSONALLY. If you are interested in more details about changing FLIGHTS please contact me at 812-821-7476. We are the FRIENDLY SKIES, and we WANT to SERVE YOU Joyfully, Love you:)

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