Design-er Jeans (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! Seth has been looking for his FAVORITE pair of JEANS. He’s afraid he LOST THEM. Did you know YOU are God’s FAVORITE and He never wants to LOSE you. No matter how WASHED OUT you are. The SHAPE of your life and how you FIT IN are God’s Concern. He sees you DRAGGING THE GROUND and how BLUE you’ve become. I’m afraid if you go any LOWER we might unfortunately SEE YOUR CRACK!! This is just a SHOUT OUT to let you know God can PATCH UP anyone. He DESIGNED and LABELED you his own. You never know when your life will be ALTERED and your LENGTH CUT OFF SHORT. Before I ZIP this all up, let me remind you that the STYLE IN right now is the HOLIER THE BETTER!! Joy, Love you 🙂

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