Picnic with God (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! I love to PICNIC OUTSIDE; I feel PEACE and a connection with GOD. When I SPREAD His BLANKET of love down I get HUNGER for His presents. I RELISH in His love and the SMORE I get of Him, the SWEETER my life seems to be. My question is? How did He GOPHER a NUT like me in the first place? I still need to KETCHUP
on my knowledge of Him. I first had to get rid of the CHIPS on my shoulder, and some of the DIPS. Then out of the CLEAR BLUE SKY the Devil MUSTERDS up problems. He loves starting FIRES. He knows what CRAWLS up my spine, and what BUGS ME. So how can God get anything DONE with any WIENERS that won’t STICK THROUGH a little HEAT? He can’t, so place yourself in Gods hand. You won’t get BURNED, and you’ll be DONE JUST RIGHT. Joy. Love you 🙂

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