Like the Rain (by Marker158)

Check out the new song Like the Rain from Marker158. This Christian rock band is out of Frankfort Indiana and consists of three members; Steve Anderson (Percussion), Jeff Chynoweth (Bass/Vocals), and Mike Hall (Guitar/Vocals).  These brothers are using “music as a means to communicate songs about want, need, hope, discovery and celebration.”

Here’s their awesome new song:

Like the Rain was co-written by Mike Hall and Jason Coffman.  Mike Hall writes, “The foundational theme (of Like the Rain) is Grace, and in this song we tried to deal with three things:

  • reality – that life has tough times, dry times
  • honesty – facing the fact that I’m not doing this “life” as well as I could/should
  • the wonderful truth – because He loves me, He chooses to bless me anyway.

“I found myself not so much living life but doing life, you know, one-foot-in-front-of-the-other just “doing” life. Knowing in my head that God blesses but my life wasn’t saying I expected Him to. I had the chorus of the song, for the most part, and while trying to come up with the lyrics for the verses of the song I actually pictured myself, staring down, hoeing my garden, complaining about the dry ground only to have rain drops begin hitting me in the back of the head.”

To check out more great music from Marker158 and/or to see how you can catch them live, see their link on the Manna Blogroll or visit their myspace page at:

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