God’s Firefighters (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!!! One of the occupations my son is thinking about is being a FIREFIGHTER. I too am a FIREFIGHTER for GOD. I see so many people BLASING OUT OF CONTROL. Some of you are SLEEPING and need to be WOKE UP!! That’s were I come in, I’m part of God’s RESCUE TEAM. Satan wants nothing more then to SET YOU ON FIRE. He doesn’t give WARNINGS!! He is the ARSENAL of your soul if He DETECTS any unbelief towards God. But He is no MATCH for HIM. I have PAPERS, the Word of God states that you are FULLY COVERED through the INSURANCE of Salvation BOUGHT by God’s Son Jesus. God will REBUILD your life. I don’t care how much DAMAGE you think you have, you are NOT A TOTAL LOSS!!! Joy Unspeakable. Love you!!

2 thoughts on “God’s Firefighters (by Becky Rommel)

  1. I’ve been a fire-fighter— and you must have an escape plan… I’m thankful, my Heavenly Father has seen me through many hazards—- I pray that everyone will accept CHRIST, as their LORD and SAVIOR!!!

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