Barnyard Wisdom (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! One of my ladies lives on a FARM and has a pot belly PIG, named Miss PIGGY. That’s Original!! I had to ask what Miss PIGGY’S PURPOSE was. Her owner said “she has none.” Wow that would STINK! What do you think GOD’S PURPOSE is for your LIFE? Have you ever asked the one who PLANTED you here what it should be? God has a HARVEST for us to GATHER. You might think this is CORNY, but HAY I’m not HORSING AROUND. And no, this is not BULL!!! I might be one crazy CHICK but I’m serious. You let SEASON after SEASON pass by and your not GROWING at all. Use the STORM that has been brewing in your life to PRODUCE a CROP of ABUNDANCE in Heaven. Get to WORK you LAZY DOG. God wants some LIVESTOCK in His Barn to FEED OTHERS.  Joy, Love you!

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