A Frigarater on Wheels (Paige Jia Qin Winneroski, 1st grader)

If I could invent something I would invent a frigarater that could move on wheels.  Whenever I was hungry I would make a ramp so it wouldn’t have to go up all the bumping stairs. It would come up and have all of my favorite foods it it.  And so I would pick my breakfast, lunch and dinner so my mom wouldn’t have to ever cook anymore.  But after awhile my refigarater changes into a person.  So then my ext-rem refrigarater will magicly transfom into a person.  Then it will come back and put the food that he brought for me back into the refrigarater.  – Paige

Editor note: I think that Ms. Paige takes after her creative, Heavenly Father 🙂  Any other devotional writers out there?

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