There is something wonderful happening in Wilmore Kentucky right now at Asbury University. A Wednesday morning chapel service that was supposed to last one hour is still going on 70 hours later! Students are experiencing God’s presence and love in a very real and tangible way at this very moment. My oldest son, Aaron, graduated from Asbury. There is something very special about this place.

I believe that we don’t have to travel to Wilmore to experience revival. God is very close to every one of us and He wants us all to experience His tangible presence in our lives. We just need to confess our sin and ask God to come into our hearts and lives right here and right now. God moves in the ordinary in extraordinary ways.

Please take the time to watch this powerful documentary describing the effect that a revival that happened at in 1970 at Asbury University is still having 53 years later.

Dear Lord, fan the flames of revival in this land. Forgive us for trusting in anything other than you. Please fill us with your sweet Holy Spirit in a very tangible way. Thank you for moving in hearts at Asbury University over the years. Please fan the flames of this Holy Fire so it spreads from Wilmore to the rest of the world!

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