Dealing Hope (with Pastor Jeremy Tackett)

God is dealing hope through Pastor Jeremy Tackett and the rest of the voluntary staff at Manna Mission, which is located at 65 W. Morgan St., Martinsville IN 46151. Manna Mission was established in 1988 by Jeremy’s father, Pastor Tom Tackett, as a place where families can find a warm meal and clothes, and men can find a warm bed to sleep in if they don’t have one. Most importantly, anyone who walks through the doors of this humble house of love will feel the presence of Jesus in this place. Nobody who truly needs help is turned away.

Pastor Tom, Jeremy, and the staff who live there with the homeless men, not only volunteer, they put their own financial well-being in jeopardy to keep the lights and heat on each month. Pastor Jeremy said that he preaches for, “outcomes not income.” They need our prayers and help brothers and sisters.

Here is some of what happened in 2018 at Manna Mission.

– They provided 7,500 nights of stay for various men in “crisis.”

– They delivered 75,000 meals, not counting Thanksgiving and Christmas day.

– They delivered tons of food throughout their local community and to other agencies, as well as the Appalachian Mountains.

– They provided clothing by the tons throughout the community and to other agencies.

The monthly cost to operate Manna Mission is $3,500-$4,500. It’s a, “no budget operation,” according to Pastor Tackett, and “its a mystery how we pay our bills each month.” They could do much more if they had more regular corporate and individual donors. Every lightbulb, pair of socks, or new 6 foot freezer would make a major difference to the staff and men staying at Manna Mission. The facility itself needs many updates if there are any local church groups that would like to pray about being the hands and feet of Jesus in that place.

You can reach Shane or Terry at (765) 318-3212 or find Manna Mission Operation Outreach Ministries on Facebook to get involved in what God is doing in that place. You can also make donations in person or by mail to Manna Mission at the address listed above.

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