You’ve Been Missed (by Jen Duffy Ruzicka)

I love it when my kids come home. I love hearing the door open or seeing their smiling faces when I pick them up from somewhere. Even if they’ve had a bad day- I just love that initial embrace we get.

Once Kennedy started riding the bus, the initial “welcome home” kind of changed. We hear the brakes of the school bus in front of our home and Deacon comes flying down the stairs to greet his big sis.

Everyday when she walks in the door we yell, “Yay, sissies home”. I know that it embarrasses Ken but it does bring a smile to her face. It has almost become routine for us. She knows she’s loved, she’s welcome, and we notice that she’s been gone.

As an adult, I know how good it feels when I’m missed. it warms my heart when I hear those words, or I walk into a room and people embrace me. I know that must be how it is when new children accept Christ or a loved one returns home to our Father.

I can imagine Christ throws his arms open and shouts, “Yay, my son, my daughter, your brother, your sister has come home”. More importantly, I can only imagine the embrace he must give when he greets them.

Although I can hardley wait to feel that embrace- I’m not quite ready to go yet! I have a bit of embracing to do here on earth still.

Today, embrace someone. Smile- tell them that they’ve been gone far too long and show them that you noticed! Love to all- Jen


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