Look Straight Ahead (by Gary Roberts)

“Let your eyes look straight ahead.” Proverbs 4:25

I have always been taken by the burning bush. I remember first learning about the burning bush in Vacation Bible School. How blessed Moses must have been to have been able to speak face to face with God. Have you ever wondered what it was that sustained Moses in the wilderness? It was that first vision of God. The Bibles says that Moses persevered because he saw God who is invisible.

That’s how it can be for us too. A God-given vision will keep us going when nothing else will. Our lesson from Proverbs says: “Let your eyes look straight ahead. Ponder the path of your feet. Do not turn to the right or the left.” We are to trust the vision God gives us for our path and for our life.

When you think about it what do you see in your future? It won’t be too many years and I’ll be 70 – I have an aunt that will turn 100 this summer and an uncle who will turn 98. So what am I going to do with another 30 years if that’s what God has in store for me. My grandmother lived to be over a 100 and my great grandfather lived to be 97 and that was old in his day.

We’ll never seize what God has for us until we see it in our hearts. Someone said that if we are to seize what is before us we need to do three things. First write down what God is saying to your heart about your future and the reason you will fulfill it. Second ask yourself what you’re willing to go through to make it happen. We are called to go through the valley.

Third think of every challenge you can imagine that you’ll have to overcome in order to pursue what God is calling you to accomplish. If you do these three things then you’ll be prepared for what comes your way.

Someone else said that the difference between winners and losers is in how they view failure – winners see beyond failure. Behind every winner you’ll find that they made the sacrifices necessary to fulfill God’s call upon their life.

You will also discover that they used Godly principles to govern their lives in public and in private. They did nothing in secret except pray. Third they were willing to do whatever it was that God was calling them to do regardless of the cost. And finally they were relentless in their quest for personal growth with God. They were willing to listen to that still small voice and they were also willing to be still and know God.

Let us pray: Lord sometimes I’m so loud that I don’t hear You when You call. Sometimes I’m so blind that I don’t see You when You are right there in front of me. Sometimes I’m unwilling to do whatever it is that You ask me to do with my life. Sometimes I find myself going around and around the same mountain and never over it. But at all times Lord I desire You and long for a deeper more meaningful relationship with You. I am so thankful that You are a God of forgiveness and when I fail to heed Your call or see Your sign or do my own thing You never give up on me. That’s why You sent Jesus and I am so very grateful You love me that much. I pray this in the Name that is above every Name – Jesus. Amen.


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